Sunday, October 26, 2008

Your Civic Duty

Today when you sit down to work on your calendar for this week....

Don't forget to set aside some time to do your "Civic Duty"

Funny thing. I voted on Friday on my lunch break and when I returned to work (with my Taco Bueno bag in hand), a co-worker said something to the effect of "where have you been" and I stated "doing my Civic Duty" and he said "Going to Taco Bueno???" rather confused. Upon further investigation it appears the phrase is unknown among the "younger" crowd.

Yes, I went around the office asking people what "Your Civic Duty" meant!

And it was about half and half as far as the answer of voting... a few said "Jury duty?" And some said some incredibly funny things...things I can't repeat!
(I just realized all the signs are pointing left except the last one...that in no way is a reflection on my vote... )

I honestly didn't even scratch the surface on photos of the the "VOTE" signs. None of the pictures are duplicates and I didn't take pictures of all of them.
And here I was worried I wouldn't be able to figure out where to place my vote, locate the poll, find the place to do my civic duty!

There really was a steady stream of people going in to vote....great turn out. Makes you wonder if there will be anyone left after the early voting...

Here I am standing (well, you can't see me I'm the one taking the picture! Wish you could I'm really decked out in my red, white and blue with all the bells and whistles. A jacket with Uncle Sam on the back and a shirt with a big American flag on the front. Oh, and don't forget my sparkly red shoes! DON'T WORRY I'm kidding!) Did you notice the woman behind the table her mouth is wide open. (it's hard to see since the photo is small) You'd think that was T.O. in front of me...but it wasn' least I don't think it was.

Well, that's it folks. My vote has been cast for another four years. May the best man win. And my hope is that people are voting not to make history....though it's going to be made anyway you look at it. It also seems that this election has brought people to the polls that have never voted before or cared to vote. And that I suppose would be a good thing?!


Jaybird said...

I early-voted Thursday! Now I'm just wondering if I offset your vote or not. ;)

Molly Woodall said...

Oh my...I thought you had come over to the red/white/blue side! I was visualizing you all decked out!
I'm going tomorrow to do MY civic duty!
I'm keeping Gerald in prayer as he has his surgery...and you in prayer as you have to deal with a man after surgery!
Love you!

Chickypez said...

I voted today, and I'm wearing a sticker to prove it!