Saturday, October 4, 2008

What ARE they up too?

My children all lead such active busy lives.... I don't know if you caught it recently but darling daughter and her husband were on the seems their cats slowed down enough on their treasure hunts to take a peek.

I hope this wasn't suppose to be a Christmas present for me, but it looks like number one son and wife had a sketch done of themselves...

And it comes as no surprise that middle son has had a poster made of himself. My don't we have clever kids??

What in the world, is Victoria Beckham doing with a picture of my husband??!!

Boy, is he gonna have some explaining to do!!

And yes as a matter of fact that is me on David Beckham's tummy tum...


BeccaBug said...

Haha!! How funny!

Michele said...

Gosh, ya'll get around, don't you!!

Molly Woodall said...

I have to know how you did this...I've gotta have me and George Strait in some kind of picture! I love the tattoo!
I finally posted a new blog.