Friday, October 10, 2008

Random-ness a Fav

Time for Friday Fav and this one is RANDOM! Going through my photos and looking at all the random (odd) ones! Which make me laugh, smile or ponder. So today I'll share them with you in no particular order (well, I guess that's what random is huh?)....

Just a couple of footnotes....the deer in the above photo has a hoof or foot growing out of his neck!! FOR REAL! The lovely bride and groom would be my beloved parents and that large dirty mouth was me proving to one stubborn grandson that his mouth was dirty...the signage I thought was a weird, but funny combination. The Amish we saw while on vacation ours and theirs apparently... The dirty pool would be at Daughter's new house (the before picture) and the man on the plane told me he was from Gilmer Texas so I took his picture so I could ask a friend of mine from there if she knew him. She didn't but her Mother did!

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BeccaBug said...

That is the after picture of the pool too..unfortunately! ;)