Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Surgery Update

For everyone that lifted up prayers on my behalf and my spouse's, they were obviously heard. He is doing very well. He came though surgery much better than the last last time. The physical terrorist has already paid him a visit this morning and had him walking the halls. He should be home on Thursday if things continue to go well. Thank you!

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GRAMS said...

ooooohhh I hope he will recover very quickly. Just wanted to thank you for your sweet post on my blog. It's so nice to meet new friends.
Your doggie looks just like one we had until just a couple of years ago. It made me miss her. I enjoyed reading your blog. I love farm life and wish I could live on on.
I'm soooo jealous that you got to go see Neil Diamond. He's my favorite. We went once a few years ago and I just loved it.
Hope you have a wonderful day. Janis