Thursday, October 9, 2008

Moving slowly into fall

After a recent blog on fake plants, flowers and things I realized I HAD to do something with the awful wreath on our front door..... Here are the cast of characters:(Same photo different lighting!)
I found this wooden wagon wheel at Michael's this weekend. Sorry about the blurred photo, but you get the general idea..
And a little birdie with eggs and nest safely in a blurry box.
I "set her free", but she was a protective Mom and stuck with her eggs and nest....I guess we can call her The Nester?!
A little bit of "gourds"....three,which I promptly pulled apart and used separately in the design.

Some lovely long stemy things.

And VIOLA! a new front door adornment!

And now a completely different wall...just trying to "Keep it Real" and show off the product in a another realm.

And some close up shots of our matronly little Nester.

Now I have to decide whether to tear this apart and do a re-creation for spring or ship the whole thing off as a donation to the resale shop?

I just know I'm happy to be able to replace it with a newer fall wreath.


BeccaBug said...

Love it! When do I get one?? ;) I vote resale store!

Molly Woodall said...

I vote SAVE IT! That little bike is too cute!
I feel so stupid...I can't "SEE" these things like you artistic ones do! Who would have imagined a wagon wheel would turn out SO cute! Oh wait I can take anything and make it so cute!

Jaybird said...

You should do a Halloween one with the bike and have a witch on it. Like The Wizard of Oz with the tornado. dooo da doo da doo dooo!! (That was my attempt at typing out the music from that scene) :)