Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Dragonfly's win again!

Darling Granddaughter is playing soccer for the first time this fall. Her team is the dragonflies.

And so far they have won all of their games. They really look cute in their hot pink and black uniforms. Unless she is playing goalie and then she has to wear the yellow shirt over her uniform.
She has a super coach who seems to enjoy what she's doing and is very good with the girls.

Of course I do my part to cheer them on...

Then after the game if we're lucky we snag her and take her home with us to torture our dogs.


BeccaBug said...

Okay, I'm laughing out loud at poor Roxie. Like she isn't scared enough!

Molly Woodall said...

That grand-girl is so cute! I love how she "holds" the puppy! Do you think your Roxie and my Lucy are maybe distant relations? They look an awful lot alike!
love you!