Friday, May 29, 2009

Free to be you and me

Not sure why but this is still fascinating me. Upon closer inspection I've discovered the passenger of this van is Danette.
These folks are into home schooling their children, do not believe in a good spanking, have their vehicle registered in Washington state.

They also warn you to "Just say no to Ritalin", "Question Authority" and "Honk if Pluto's a Planet". And I'm pretty sure they are not Republicans.

My all time favorite is "Caution! Eye Protection REQUIRED"

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A beautiful job perk.

This is where I work... And this is what I see (usually in the winter when it gets darker earlier) when it's quiting time.
I truly believe that Frisco, Texas has some of the prettiest sunsets.

"There is a God, he is alive"

Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day

Today is Memorial Day and I was going to do this post because my sister told me to, but the more I thought about what to blog the more it came to light...

She said I should blog today because it's a holiday and I'm not certain what she meant...
1) I should have more time because it's a holiday or

2) It's a special holiday and I should blog about it. It could be some other reason, but the later reason has made me think.

Spending today doing chores that have needed to be done, running errands, catching those things on sale this weekend, picking up groceries that we were short on for the week.

But, everywhere you look there are the reminders of the holiday.

Memorial Day= to remember those who have sacrificed their life, their time, their love ones for the freedom of every American.

We even hung Old Glory out as a reminder of the day....never forget, never overlook the cost of that freedom.

The freedom of speech and life and all that goes with it.
And as I pulled into the local grocery store this was in the parking lot

It just seem so fitting to me that without the loss of those who have gone on before us this would not be possible...

Of course a lot of the words on this van are not a promotion of war but of peace and who doesn't want peace.

But as we continue on today and everyday, I hope we all are grateful for those who are making the sacrifice for our freedom.