Friday, October 17, 2008

I Love RE-Sale!!! Friday Fav!

Have I told you before that I love the Re-Sale Shop??? Well, I do and this is why....

I got this whole bag of fabric for $1.99. Some pieces are more than a yard!

Such a deal and just what I needed for the latest project I'm working on...

This is the fabric out of the bag that I chose to use for my idea.

Anyone that's eaten with me knows that I invariably get some of my meal on the front of whatever I'm wearing. So my project involves covering those stains that won't come out.

Hubby cut the Peace sign out for me and I stitched it over some small stains that were on this shirt and viola~

New threads!

Whattaya think??

(besides the blurry picture..)

I haven't worn it yet, but it does look a lot better than it did with the stains showing as they were before.

Here's another shirt I covered stains with iron-on jeweled birdies.
And here's a set of sweet little birds I picked up at the Re-sale shop for $3. They are cast iron and really cute. Just can't beat a good deal at the Re-sale shop!


Molly Woodall said...

I LOVE the shirt! I can't believe you still haven't gone to wearing a bib! hahah!
I just love your blog!

BeccaBug said...

I got really scared when I first read this and thought the material was to make bibs!! Whew! I like the birds, I need to come up that way and go thrifting.