Friday, October 3, 2008

Friday Fav ~ Family Farm

Ok, first let me clarify that my Friday Fav's are in no particular order. By no means are Skittles above the family farm....not far away but not above in order of favoritism.

One of my very favorite things to do is drive around the farm and observe the cattle. On this particular day last week, Hubby and I were in search of a donkey we recently acquired. We got this little jack from the lady that boards our dogs for us when we travel. Seems this couple moved from the city into the country and bought a jack and a jenny and now they have more donkeys than they need. So we took a young jack in hopes that he would mix with the cows and fend off the bothersome coyotes we've had at the farm. The only trouble is this poor little guy hasn't been handled and is completely terrified of the cows.

Oh, did I mention he's not overly fond of human beings either? Thus, these photos of friendly bovine....(and a horse)

Stay tune, one day (hopefully, soon!) we will get close enough to get a picture of the little guy.

Well, back to my Friday fav....less I regress. This family farm hold many great family memories. My very first was on a date with my hubby about a year before we were married. We went up to the farm one night pretty late, in his ever so cool '69 Chevy Malibu (GROOVY....all though he HATED it! It was a pass down his parents bought for him from his sister-in-law, baby blue, white vinyl top....any way I'm regressing again) and we were cruising through the pasture looking for a new bull his Dad had recently purchased. I honestly wasn't totally ignorant on farming facts as both of my grandparent had farms and I spent plenty of time there. But all of the sudden this bull was squarely in front of us and I exclaimed "there it is!! a Heifer Bull". I meant to say Hereford not Heifer, but he never has let me live that one down.

I promise I'll keep trying to get the photo of the new jack ass....right now I've got to go sleep with one!!!

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