Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Trash to Treasure

This was a Thrift store find for a whole solid dollar that I got and spray painted black to transform it into this lovely....
Topped it with a few silk leaves and a small (FAKE) poopie pumpkin....
and surrounded it with a larger poopie pumpkin and a little white FAKE pumpkin.....
Scattered a few silk fall leaves a little wooden duck and a candle and WAA LAAA a centerpiece for the kitchen table! I can see all kinds of ideas to do with this for the holidays! Joy, joy, happy, happy dance.

Monday, September 29, 2008

We have another Artist in the family

Getting ready to leave for work this morning and the usual routine of looking for my shoes prompted me into the living room under the coffee table. (Isn't that where everyone keeps their shoes? Well, on most days that is where ours are!) While rooting around and putting my shoes on I noticed the above notepad and drawing. It took me a minute to figure it out. Our one and only granddaughter spent the night with us this weekend and I gave her the above pad to use....seems she did a still life...
of the tray on the coffee table with my earrings I left there. (What everyone doesn't leave their earrings in random places??)
My first glance at her drawing (see first photo for a closer look) I thought she had drawn glasses laying on the tray, but then I looked at the tray and realized my earrings were there and that was what she had drawn.

She's priceless along with her art....I think we'll keep her and her masterpiece!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

"My thumbs are not opposable, yet I oppose everything"

I'm up to my eyeballs in alligators....in the middle of too many projects, but I vow to finish them all! Mostly the "Part 2" of a weekend a few weeks ago. But, until then....enjoy Henri

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Shovel Pumpkins

My latest project involved these...
Which were transformed into these with a little orange spray paint...

Uhhhh.....I might be a redneck.

Sunday, September 14, 2008


One year ago today my Dad passed from this world. He was such a sweet and gentle man, but was also wound up tighter than most people who knew him from simple acquaintance could understand. I've had a year of a roller coaster ride with my feelings about his death. Sometimes a lot of guilt...for not doing more for him and for having him in the living center he was in...those two are the biggest guilt's I struggle with. But there have been many highs in the time we had together the last few years and the joy of the bond we strengthened. Dad wasn't your mushy lovey dovey type...and it was always a struggle to figure out where he was coming from unless he truly disliked something and then he usually made that known. He was very little trouble because he demanded very little....a Dr.Pepper, some chocolate or ice cream and a place to lay his head for a nap. He enlightened us with his humor and taught us great lessons, with the valor in which he handled what was dealt to him. I miss him immensely but know he is in a better place. I love you Daddy.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Hey, I'm a POOPIE!!

For those of you who don't know, POOPIE stands for: People Opposing Objectionable Pretend plants In the Environment. You can read all about it here.

Nesting Place is having a party and I'm here to share my part...
I have just a wee bit of fake greenery on my waaaaaaaay up there shelves in my kitchen. Seems innocent enough...
Then on the fireplace mantle the lovely silk narcissus bulbs (thrift find $3). Many people DO think they are real...sometimes.
I found this neat metal urn at the local thrift store for about a couple of bucks and put some (fake) sticks and grass in it on top of the TV . The minute I put it up there DD declared I copied it from the Nesting Place.
This is a little dried arrangement on a side table in the living room. Also a thrifty at a couple of bucks too. And my favorite son-in-law in the background.
Now this is the biggest poopette yet. THE ENTIRE WASH BASIN ON MY FRONT PORCH IS FAKE!!!!!!!!! My children didn't even notice until a year after I did it and my husband even spread a blanket over it during the winter to keep it from FREEZING!! So I think this wins the prize as a fooler of fakes. Here's a closer look...
This is the most recent addition...a $5 bargain at JoAnn's...it's in the hall bath for now and there is another one that matches it on the other side of the vanity. Jaybird and wife gave me the frog for Mother's day and probably expected me to put it in the yard, but I usually keep fresh flowers in it in the bathroom instead.

Now this one merits a call to the POOPIE Police....and after viewing everyone else's Objectionable Pretend plants In the Environment, I've ripped this one off my front door and will soon demolish it. I'm disappointed in my friends and family who have lied to me and told me it was cute.. It is horrid and I was crazy to hang it!!!

In defense of the last of my confessions to the society of POOPIE....I usually try to have fresh flowers around whenever possible and some live plants too. Tomorrow I'll give you a little glimpse of my real greens.

Just Keeping it Real!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Happy 11th Birthday D-bo!!

D-bo became a part of our family in May of 2005 and what a blessing he has been.
Everyone who meets him falls in love with him. He is the geniune jewel of a precious heart...very loving, so forgiving and a true servant even at his young age.

He's fun to play with and especially fun to get a laugh out of or play a joke on.

He has made a special place in his heart for his new siblings and gets along beautifully with them both.

D-bo is a big piece of this sweet family and seems to have the best time when he's right in the middle of everything going on.

He loves to go to the farm and I think he might even like spending time at Mamaw and Papaw's too.

So happy, happy birthday D-bo!!

We love you!!

Friday, September 5, 2008

Friday FAV


With good friends....this is one of my top favorites. We call these friends the M&M's because both of their names start with the letter M. I have to be their friend forever because they know way too much about me and I would have to commit murder if I couldn't be their friend. (Just remember that girls) They wouldn't let me take their picture at lunch today, so I had to draw from a stock photo I had. Elder M thought the outfit she had on today was somewhat Strawberry Shortcakish ...something to do with the baby doll sleeves and the latest hair coloring. But she looked smashing as always for REAL... They are both sweethearts and would do anything for me...I think, but might not after this blog.

Any way this is where we went. And it was very yummy. In my next life I will marry a Mexican man with a mother who can cook or that owns his own restaurant. Mexican food is by far my very favorite food. And as luck would have it I'm married to someone who as he ages is not doing so gracefully with this fine cuisine.

This is what we dined on... Fajita Salad

Plain Jane Nachos in the one size fits all portion.

And a dos lunch platter with a cheese enchilada and a beef taco.

A certain someone from the fine east Texas town of Gilmer enjoys a dose of the "squirt butter" as my family calls it. Although she uses it in the most peculiar way...I think. And no I don't want any, thank you.
Well, that's it for this weeks Friday Favorite...there's just one problem with this favorite...if I do it very often I'm definitely going to have to join this club.

Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Weekend Part 1

On the way home Friday evening I paid a visit to the fore mentioned (previous blog) yard sale. After some digging I found several worthy items. All items were either one dollar, fifty cents or twenty-five cents!! Of course all of my items were $1, but looky, looky what a deals I got!!

The lady said I should paint it but I think it looks pretty good in it's weathered state....stay tuned as I have an idea in mind for it.

And then there was this little pretty. Suppose to be a plant stand but I'm thinking of using it for a bedside table in the "guest" room. After I get it all together I'll post that too.

Beside these, I got another corner plant stand for $1 and two pieces of vintage tupperware. I was already in my car with it started when the lady ran out to me and had this lovely box (all for $1). There are 3 metal shabby type nested baskets. Never used right out of the water stained and dirty box. Still wrapped in bubble wrap.

Then about 7 our babysitting client came and we had a great time with him. He has got to be one of the most pleasant babies I ever seen. So sweet and easy going.
Some of hubbies cousins (once or twice removed?) came by for a little while and I drug out the Lincoln Logs and at one point all the adults but me were involved in building.
Stay tune for Part 2 which will be the results of the rest of the weekend in the green room...