Sunday, October 19, 2008

Diamond Luster

What a wonderful, wonderful treat we had Thursday evening to attend the Neil Diamond concert when he was in town at the American Airlines Center.

Although the concert was at 8 and he didn't come on stage until almost 8:30, he put on an amazing show. Notice all the "white hairs" (and yes, I'm married to one!) in the crowd? There was a wide range of ages present I guess due to the fact that he's been making the music for almost 4 decades. Don't you just love the guy in the white hat....maybe he thought the Beach Boys were in town?
I gave up my Bunko night with the girls for this and nothing against fun with the girls, but I really had a great time at the concert. That is until the usherette tried to confiscate my camera....but I prevailed.

One of his newest songs is "Pretty Amazing Grace"
His band was quite large and also very good. For a New York singer or Jewish Elvis as he's sometimes called, nearly half of his band originated in Texas....Tyler, Beaumont, Dallas and other cities in the deep south.

Here's some Diamond trivia....Who is the song "Sweet Caroline" written about? give up?

Caroline Kennedy! And she didn't know it until he was asked to her 50th birthday celebration where he revealed that information to her. Isn't that neat?
He's also a very charitable guy. All the proceeds of merchandise from his concert are being matched by himself and the band and the funds will go to build 300 homes on Hope Island (near Galveston) that were lost in Hurricane Ike. His goal is to have those 300 families out of the government tents and in new homes by Christmas. So not only is he a great singer he's also a good person (unlike us who didn't purchase anything but our tickets).....and that's always nice (the part that he's a good person).

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Molly Woodall said...

OH WOW......I love that Neil Diamond. I went to see him 3-4 times "back in the day"! I heard him sing "Pretty Amazing Grace" on a couple of talk shows and its a great song! Wish I'd been sittin' there with you!