Monday, November 10, 2008


Darling daughter and my favorite son-in-law help me drag Mr. Gimpy leg out to the Stampede Rodeo this weekend.

I really think it was more than he should have been doing being only two weeks out on a total knee replacement, but I promise you he would give anyone willing, a race with his walker. We lucked out and only had ONE step down to our seats! We did have some walking, but not too far. I would have forgone the starched jeans but he insisted and claimed he was far be it from me to interfere....wink, wink!

There was a grand intro with a salute to the troops and our fine country....

And then it was ON WITH THE SHOW!!!

This was pretty amazing this guy rode standing up and they went pretty fast too!
This little guy really cracked us up. It's a small monkey dressed up like a cowboy riding the dog as his horse and he actually herded (is that a word?) sheep.

Of course, the mutton bustin was a hoot too...

Of course it wouldn't be a rodeo without the clowns.

Some calf roping.

Barrel racing...
Slobber slinging bull riding.

Then the final farewell from all the winners!

But that's not the end my friend this great rodeo was followed by a wonderful concert with Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert.

It was a FUN Saturday night!


BeccaBug said...

Hey, that last picture looks like we were on the front row! You cheater! ;)

Jaybird said...

I was about to say, wow nice seats for the concert!

Molly Woodall said...

Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert....WOW! I bet that was a good concert!
Gerald looked like he was having a ball in the picture!
Glad you are back blogging!

Jarrod said...

It was a blast! Thanks for having us!