Monday, November 17, 2008


There is something about Monday mornings I just hate. I'm usually a Pollyanna, glass almost full kind of gal, but Monday's bum me out.

Well, it's really Sunday afternoon when it starts and it's been that way since school days when I was young. The routines of Sunday night as a child just put the dread in motion.
Now when the kids were young and I was a somewhat Stay at Home Mom it was a little different...."YEAH!!!!!!!!!, the kids are back in school." But considering the spacing of my children it was FIFTEEN years before they were all in school at the same time!

It's just hard to imagine a time of retirement of getting up when you want and doing what you want and not having the obligations I have now, or that dread that tomorrow is MONDaY!

But as time continues to go by it does seem that those obligations are less or I'm finally figuring out they aren't as crucial as I thought they were....all but that earning the almighty dollar part...

Well, this week is starting off with a BANG as this afternoon I have a full round of allergy testing and tomorrow I'm spending the day at the hospital having an upper and lower scopes done. (that's putting it nicely...not medically) Since both parents were taken by cancer and polyps seem to be a fad in my family I must surmise every 5th year to this joy. If I could just get my siblings to get their head out of the sand and take care of their medical business I would be a woman at peace. Oh well!

Have a happy week! and TGIM!

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