Friday, November 14, 2008

Knee Surgery

In just 10 short days I will bite the bullet and go under the knife and have my other knee replaced. YIKES!!! After all the ridiculing and wise cracks I've punished my hubby with during his surgery now is going to be payback time.

I know what I face and have no regrets I'm just ready to get it done and get on with life.

What REALLY scares me is that Christmas is just 41 little days away which means I will be laid up during the later of those 41 days so in the next 10 I am trying hard to accomplish the following:
  1. Christmas gifts for everyone.

  2. Christmas cards done and sent.

  3. Cleaning the house from top to bottom.

  4. Granddaughter's birthday gift (Dec. 11th)

  5. Oldest boy child's birthday gift (Nov. 22nd)

  6. Several people's birthday cards sent.

  7. Grocery's for a month (including Christmas).

  8. House decorated for Christmas. (I may pull kids in on this at Thanksgiving...)

  9. Outside lights put up.

  10. Clean and wash all vehicles

  11. Sell Jeep.

  12. Put out pansies.

  13. Train temp. employee at work

  14. Get all paperwork turned in to HR department

  15. Get all preop work done (labs, x-rays, pre-admit)

  16. Turn loose of everything involving Thanksgiving to the girls

  17. Bath dogs

  18. Make a to-do list for hubby.

  19. Turn in all paperwork for Aflac from hubby's surgery.

  20. Kiss up to hubby for good measure of love during my recovery.

Well, if I do two of these a day I'll have them all done by the day of surgery. It doesn't count that at least half of them will take more than a day or two to complete and I've thought of a dozen more things since completing this list.....time will tell and life will go on and I'll go with it whether the list gets done or not.

Wish me well!!


BeccaBug said...

You daughters curtains, help daughter paint desk, help daughter decorate her whole house. Haha. I say you don't decorate for Christmas this year! That will mark a lot off your list.

Molly Woodall said...

I'm with her get her house decorated....then have Christmas at HER house. See, it's all taken care of! Glad I could be of service! hahahahaha!
On a serious note, I wish I was there to help! I had no idea that you were about to embark on this! Ya'll are gonna be like the Million Dollar Man/Woman!
Love you lots!

Michele said...

Before I even read daughter (that's what we're calling her, right?) and Molly's post, I was going to say, "I have an idea... how about you skip Christmas!" Please don't overdo it and remind "husband" how much you took care of him recently. Love you!