Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Just Pitchin In

I'm so behind on blogging... bear with me as I backtrack...

Every now and then we take time out and drop in on DD and MFSIL and pitch in to help. If you don't know they purchased their first home a few (well, several) months ago. It was a bank repo and they have completely restored it into great condition. There is still a list of little odds and ends that need to be done and she is over anxious (and rightly so) to get everything "put together"...

Hummmm, what's wrong with this picture??

On a recent visit I convinced her to not replace this lamp and let me see if I can bring it back to here's the before picture and this is after it's been taken a part and washed.
This will hang in the entry hall. MFSIL has installed almost all of the lighting and replaced all of the light switches and other outlets. See, he just doesn't sit around all the time...

We hung a clock on this visit and...

put together her half bath. Now check this curtain out...she picked it up at Ross for a dollar!

Here is the hall bath all clean and ready for decoration.

And this is where MFSIL says I have too much time on my hands.... an idea for the office! Not too much time just a bad case of A.D.D.

This is the actual room, but before new carpet, a new ceiling fan and a fresh coat of paint. The lower half of the wall is a dark shade of beige and the upper section a lighter shade of beige. DD has some creative ideas for the furniture in this room.
Sometimes she has trouble thinking out of the box and that's where I come in....we seem to balance each other she pulls the reins in on me and I try to steer her out of the box when I can.
Boy, I'm I looking forward to her taking care of me in my old age....we've been making plans for that too!

Maybe this will be my room?!?


BeccaBug said...

HA! I love it! This might be my favorite post!

Jarrod said...

Very nice job on the light fixture!