Saturday, November 15, 2008

Garage Sale Saturday

I made a vow (given my long list of things to do in 10 days list) to not attend, search out or go to any Garage Sales in the next few weeks. But here are some from weeks past.

It all started out innocent enough....I was going to drop off some of our junk at the local resale shop.

We seem to have an abundance of hospital drinking glasses...go figure!

Here are some things I stumbled upon...

Gonna spray paint that little pillar black and not sure about the frame...the tray or pan they are sitting on is going to become a mirrored mosaic.

I love these face wall sconces..should they remain the same or be painted??

Also some vintage dishes that will be worked into a mosaic birdhouse (stay tuned) and the "J" shaving mug goes to MFSIL for his toothbrushes...

I have a little collection of small interesting boxes and I picked up these two for 50 cents. The one I am holding has "Made in Italy" on the back and a handwritten price tag .

This is an old stamp holder for those rubberstamps that required a ink stamp pad....Only a DOLLAR!

This is a box of 3 tiered Christmas trees brand new in the box (regular price $39.99) I snagged for a mere $9

A wooden plate?

A travel size scrabble game with tiny little scrabble pieces...probably going to use these pieces in a creative way of some sort....
This past weekend DD and I went cross country (or maybe I should say cross cities) stopping in at random sales between Granddaughter's morning soccer game and making our way back home (about a 20 mile stretch). We found some bargains but not what we were in search of....she was looking for a desk and no one seemed to be selling them, but we found one at "the local resale store" this past Tuesday....I think her plans this weekend involved painting that desk.
Hope everyone is having a thrifty weekend...I'm keeping blinders on and only sticking to my list!

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BeccaBug said...

Your blinders were off today!! I tried to stop you!! ;)