Friday, August 29, 2008

Friday Fav

My Town~
I live off Main Street but rarely do I take it when I drive to and from work. It just reminds me too much of "big city" traffic and I'm trying to pretend I live in a small town. The following are my sites yesterday on the way home from work....enjoy!

Ok, my kiddlings are having a stroke about now (well at least the girl child)....but this young lady was walking her goat down the road when I first saw her, but by the time I made a U-ie back to take her photo she had made it to her "barn" so I stopped and asked her if I could take her picture and she kindly said "Sure". Tell me just how often do you see someone walking their goat???

I see this all the time in my town and evidently he has some "regulars" as he goes to certain houses and rings his bell until his customers come out for his goodies. We also have an ethnic grocery store in our town that is quite interesting too. Uh oh, there could be a correlation with first viewing and this one....I'm sure they sell goat meat at their grocery store!! Maybe sometime I should blog about that too.

This house is quite interesting, the sad thing is it almost always looks like this and they ARE NOT having a sale. But yesterday afternoon there were some shoppers. Husband actually said "there is not ONE thing in there that is worth buying!!!" If you know Him this was a profound statement, coming from him. I may go back at lunch and take a closer look.

Now these are interesting. Girl child will have to explain them....something that some of the schools or school art teachers did for the City. I'm sure I don't have the story right she will have to do a follow up.

I have big plans for this weekend. Tonight I'm babysitting a friend's (well, really girl child's friend but I'll claim her as my friend too) 3 month old baby boy and tomorrow (and maybe the rest of the weekend!)

I plan to conquer this.....
Oh my goodness there is another correlation ~this and the third siting!!



BeccaBug said...


The stars...each elementary school in Frisco made one. Ours has won 3 years in a row!!! Our art teacher is so creative and made a picture out of all of the kids thumbprints.

And, I love the picture of the junk room with dad passed out in the corner. HA!

Just Keeping it Real said...

uh, I didn't even know he was in the room!

Michele said...

That's sad when you lose your husband under the junk!!

Gerad said...

I think letting that goat loose in your craft room for about an hour would solve a lot of your problems. ;)