Friday, August 1, 2008

Friday Favs

In celebration of the last day of the week I think another Favorite is in order... this is a recent favorite and a hard one to find!



Luckily, the Kroger closest to our house has had them, but a lot of the time they are out. I've looked for them at other places, but no one else seems to carry them.

The last time I was at Kroger there was a man on his cell phone and the conversation went like this...."Ok, tell me again what kind of candy I'm suppose to be looking for? Skittles? Ok, here they are.....oh, not regular Skittles? Sour? ummmm?" At this point I wanted to grab the two bags on the shelf and run, but I have bad knees and knew I wouldn't get very far, so I politely handed him one of the two bags that were left. The next time I went there were a dozen or more bags so I helped myself to two bags this time and it lasted me over a week. Even sharing it with others.

I wish I worked with this guy...

He probably drives
this to work everyday!

The first bag bit the dust...

I found this cute little jar at the local thrift store for 50 cents. You may not be able to tell but it has a little metal plate on the front that says "Sweets". I have just the right spot for it at my office in front of some other "Sweets"!

Another sweet....well, not so sweet right now as he's recovering is my sweet soul mate. The latest update on the knee is that his bandage came off yesterday and he has a total of 23 staples. I'll save the photo on that one, even though I do have one. And this morning he went out to breakfast at his local coffee stop. I dropped him off on my way to work and a buddy of his brought him home. He didn't last very long until it was time for pain medication and a rest.

All in all he's doing alright, just a little frustrated at what he can and can't do.


Michele said...

Glad to hear Gerald is getting around and thanks for sparing us the gross pics. Love you!

Gerad said...

Yummy! Ok, I'm jumping on the Friday Favorites bandwagon.. posting soon..

BeccaBug said...

Ditto on the got me hooked!

Michele said...

Ok. I'm hooked! Would you add something new to your blog already?