Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Weekend Part 1

On the way home Friday evening I paid a visit to the fore mentioned (previous blog) yard sale. After some digging I found several worthy items. All items were either one dollar, fifty cents or twenty-five cents!! Of course all of my items were $1, but looky, looky what a deals I got!!

The lady said I should paint it but I think it looks pretty good in it's weathered state....stay tuned as I have an idea in mind for it.

And then there was this little pretty. Suppose to be a plant stand but I'm thinking of using it for a bedside table in the "guest" room. After I get it all together I'll post that too.

Beside these, I got another corner plant stand for $1 and two pieces of vintage tupperware. I was already in my car with it started when the lady ran out to me and had this lovely box (all for $1). There are 3 metal shabby type nested baskets. Never used right out of the water stained and dirty box. Still wrapped in bubble wrap.

Then about 7 our babysitting client came and we had a great time with him. He has got to be one of the most pleasant babies I ever seen. So sweet and easy going.
Some of hubbies cousins (once or twice removed?) came by for a little while and I drug out the Lincoln Logs and at one point all the adults but me were involved in building.
Stay tune for Part 2 which will be the results of the rest of the weekend in the green room...


Gerad said...

I'm guessing the top thing will hold the bowling ball that you are turning into a 'gazing ball'.

Michele said...

Man, sorry I missed that garage sale! Sometimes I wish we lived closer together... who would have thought that I would ever say that about the big sister that would dig her fingernails into my arm!