Friday, August 22, 2008

Funeral Food

My brother informed me yesterday that if you are going to have a blog you are suppose to put something on it everyday.... so this may get mundane as my life and my creativity does have limits on being entertaining. My second child informed me, when I talked about having a blog, that blogs were just for braggers... people bragging about their life. But, now middle child has his own blog so I guess he's changed his way of thinking or he's just bragging too. Well, anyway here are today's offering of my life from yesterday and yes, I'm probably bragging.

I was off work for the funeral and spent the morning preparing food for after the service. The first dish up for creation was banana pudding. The grandmother of the child that died requested it from me the night before and I just so happened to have a (blurry) recipe from her mother (Aunt Ruby to us). So here I am doing the Martha Stewart step by step for you today with my culinary skills in illustrations. Actually, I didn't photograph all the steps just some, so do not try this at home. First I put my sugar and flour in a pan and added milk to that as it continued to get warmer I gradually added egg yolks saving the egg whites for the meringue. Sliced up some bananas.When I do the bananas I slice them down the middle lengthwise and then slice them in fairly chunky chunks. It just seems like you get more bang for your buck this way...don't ask me why. Get your box of Nilla or Vanilla Wafers out and line the pan with them.

Now we're going to take the egg whites that we saved and beat the dickens out of them until they stand up for mercy!

Now we're talking! You also should always use a glass bowl or a copper one, when beating egg whites, but I don't own a copper bowl so it's glass.

At this point you add sugar to your meringue so it will be sweet.

Now we spread the meringue over the top of the pudding mixture.

Now pop that pudding in the oven.
And we'll go over the rest of the fixins I took...


turned into this Easy peasy...just pick up several cans of beans and peas, cut up sausage, throw in some onion,garlic, brown sugar, mustard, catsup, liquid smoke and anything else you can think of and put it in the crockpot and forget it for several hours.

I also took a potato casserole, brisket, ham and a chocolate cake. Enough said here are the I've got to start thinking about tomorrow's blog so my brother won't be disappointed.

Oh! I almost forgot these are the after shots of the carnage after I finished in the kitchen. Two hours from these photos I had 11 ladies at my house for Bunko...but that's a story for another day or BLOG!!



Gerad said...

Looks delicious!

Where is said brother's blog? He can't complain if he doesn't have one!

Also, I'm not bragging, I've decided they're ok for odd randomness. :)

Chickypez said...

If you had only blogged about one food item per day instead of all in one blog, you would have had several days covered. Your aforementioned brother would have been pleased. Now you have to work extra hard to come up with more!

BeccaBug said...

I'm going to start calling you Pioneer Woman.

Michele said...

Dear Pioneer Woman (good call BeccaBug),

Good lord! It's amazing that we are even related! I don't have a single domestic bone in my body. When I make vanilaa pudding I just use instant pudding... tastes fine to me. I'm home all day and don't clean a thing... of course it probably shows!