Tuesday, December 9, 2008

I'm back

It's been a wild two weeks, but I am doing as well as I should be at this point. I had my follow up post op visit on Friday and he said everything looked good. I got my staples out Monday and will continue on with physical therapy.

Now for the good part! NOT!!

Hubby also went in for his post month follow-up and has been having lots of problems with his calf in the leg that had surgery. They ruled out a blood clot and finally admitted him to the hospital on Friday afternoon. After spending the weekend there this is what they have discovered.... He has a hematoma in his calf which was determined by cat scans done this weekend. This is blood pooling outside of the vessels in his calf. They were hoping by elevating it and giving him antibiotics and blood plasma that it would take care of itself but that hasn't happened. So, they did an angiogram and then tried to "drain" it and sent him home today. He's getting around much better and not in near as much pain.
This was my room with the wonderful view.

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BeccaBug said...

Haha! Your face in those pictures crack me up. You look like you are so happy to be there.