Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas Lights PART II

A week or so after Thanksgiving on a cold windy night.... My favorite son-in-law and second son let me treat them to dinner and then came over....
And put up our Christmas lights!!

What you can't see in these pictures (and no somehow I didn't catch it in photos) was their Dad /Dad-in-law running around below barking out instructions.

It seems year to year we forget how we put things up.....therefore dear ole Dad has each strand labeled....NW corner, SW corner, Front peak etc....

This year since we had limited help we just went with a simple strand of lights around the edge of the house.

I picked these candy canes up at a garage sale this year for a couple of dollars.

And hung my trusty reindeer on the front porch post....

So here are a few shots of the lights on the house....the ones below look as if they are on fire. Must be something with the camera or the operator..

These are not good photos but here's a shot of the neighbors down the street.

And then our neighbor's directly across the street really lit their house up nicely.

So until next year this is it for our Christmas lights outside.....until we find innocent soul to help take them 'bout it boys??

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BeccaBug said...

Hey, whatever happened to Chris and Jacob taking them down?? ;)