Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Christmas House Decor

There were several home tours on different blogs showing the Christmas decor of different homes. Well, this is mine.....if you were to come in our back patio door these two reindeer would gladly greet you. Inside the kitchen the kitchen window is decorated with holiday greeting cards from many of our friends....some we see everyday and some from years gone by. It's always fun to receive these cards each year and being the pack rat that I am I usually keep them from Christmas to Christmas.

This is a side table or actually a trunk that belonged to my grandfather. It has our collection of Christmas books.....something for everyone, from hard cardboard books for babies to the Politically correct version of Christmas stories book. I love flipping through them every year, but I have to keep my eyes on them as sometimes my children or siblings try to reclaim books from the past.

This year we put out three little trees (brand new in the box garage sale for $9!! woo hoo!!) I really didn't even miss the big tree as much as I thought I might. And when it packs up and away so much faster than the big one I may love it even more.

I should have taken a shot of the fireplace the night before as we had a nice roaring fire and it really was picture perfect.

Here's a little something I did with the letter "H"....just strung it up with some ribbon and added some red Christmas balls and there you have it.

This is new this year....I won this funky Santa Christmas Tree at a Bingo game. Thanks Susan!

Here a picture with all the Christmas loot! We must have really been nice this year!

Here's another shot of the fireplace that really needs a fire.

Now, it's time to start thinking about putting this all away...

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Bert said...

You would also see bags from Wal-Mart, Groceries still left in their bags, A pick axe. Bags with clothes from Thrift Stores. Car Parts.