Tuesday, December 30, 2008

December Roses

Before the first frosty ice storm my little rose bed garden was in full bloom. These little yellow and orange sweetheart roses were given to me as a gift. They were put together in a double basket and were blooming gorgeously.
After they had completely bloomed out I cut them back and planted them directly into the rose bed. I believe this is their second bloom this year.

I've always wanted a rose bed and now I have a really great one. This one is really a tribute to my late mother-in-law and a beloved neighbor from years gone by who loved roses especially pink ones. This bed is filled with little momentos of times and people gone by. This little cerub was in my mother's back yard. She sits on a stone and keeps watch over the blooms. There is also a little rabbit from mom's yard and rusty milk can from my maternal grandfather.

My mother's favorite flowers were lilies so my next project is to create a lily bed on the opposite side of the house from the rose bed. My hope is to collect some bulbs from different sources with some history behind them.

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