Saturday, June 6, 2009

A shower for the Birds

PART TWO...the rest of the Cake Ball story
Here they are amongst the rest of the bridal shower ingredients.
The other items I was responsible for at this shower were these cute little decorations of birds.

I discovered the idea for these over at Family Fun.
They did theirs with different colors of paper, since the wedding colors were black and white that is what I went with. The legs were made by bending paperclips into different shapes for legs. My favorite were the solid black birds. The paper had a texture similar to leather.

I glued on some rhinestone eyes and we punched holes in the tops of some to string...

...and hang on this little tree.

I was also responsible for the brides corsage. I whipped up a "flower"made from some of the same paper the birds were made from and also some black and white fabric. Some netting a big black pom pom and a couple of black birds and like magic....a funky corsage!

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Michele said...

I think you should be a party planner or a caterer... or a florist. Why did you sell your florist?