Monday, June 1, 2009

Like mother like daughter

Following the footsteps of my daughter (actually I did this first, but didn't complete it until recently) I pulled this chair out of someone's trash and refurbished it. Husband cut a new seat and I touched up the paint with a hit of black spray paint.
Added a healthy dose of batting for padding.

Pulled a scrap of fabric I have had for a while. Switched to a more powerful staple gun (per husband's advice) and went wild with the staples.

This is a simple, simple project and very low cost. You just have to be sure to secure the fabric tightly and you've got it made.

Here's the seat completed. Then commission (although I could have done this) husband to find a long screw to attach the seat to the chair frame.

A new chair for next to nothing!


Michele said...

It's beautiful! Glad your back to blogging Sis!

Jaybird said...

So was it you or Becca that came and stole my recliner and couch after I put it on the curb? I look forward to a future post to see what you've done with it. ;)

Nice chair!