Saturday, February 21, 2009

A Week of Wildlife

Bet I had you going there for a minute....right? No, I'm not talking about my "wild life" but the real wildlife was right in our backyard a few weeks ago...

I came home for lunch one day early in the week and found this awesome falcon in a tree behind our house. He seems to feed on other birds and when he's in the neighborhood it is very other birds are around to give him the opportunity of a meal.

And then a day or so later this Canadian goose flew in and took up residency in the backyard. After a while it was determined that he had an injury and couldn't fly, so we called the animal rescue and they came and took him.

This particular week was one that we had a couple of days of freezing weather and quiet a bit of ice. So after work as the sun was setting I decided to get some pictures of the ice. This field is directly (well, across and over the tollway) from my office. Just looking at this photo you can't really tell anything and it's really not even a good shot of the ice in the trees. But, as I enlarged it this is what I saw....

DEER!!! In the middle of Frisco, Texas!! This is not a good shot, but they were quiet a distance from me and I was stopping traffic trying to get a good photo. You can see the ice on the trees for sure!

Here's another....I know you almost have to use your imagination...but they are there!

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