Sunday, January 11, 2009

A Trip to Johnson County

Last week we made a road trip to Cleburne. This is where I was born! I only lived the first years of my life here but have made visits back many, many times to see family. The one thing in all those years that I don't think I have ever done is go inside the Court House on the Square.

Well we had business to do in the County Tax Office so we got to go inside.
And boy, was it beautiful.
I didn't take near enough pictures and even if I had I don't think it would have done it justice.
The inside has lots of marble with very beautiful markings.
Hubby said some of them look like ink blots.
The doors to each office look like vault doors (sorry no pics) and they even have the actual tellers cages in some offices.

Most of the flooring is little tiny octagon and square shaped tiles.
This one is at the entry.
Pretty cool huh?
I guess you could call this a mosaic?

The rotunda has a beautiful stain glass, with lots of blues, golds and greens.
They have painted most of the walls the colors in the stain glass and it really looks nice.

Also notice all the wood carvings leading up the the top.

I'm kicking myself for not taking more photos and at least one of the historical marker outside as it had all the dates and information on the building.

I believe it was built in the early 50's and refurbished in 1968.
I tell you what, I won't just drive by County Court Houses anymore....I'll try to get inside and see the rest of the beauty of them from now on.

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