Monday, January 5, 2009

Kit Kittredge: An American Girl

What a GREAT movie! I've really been striking out with my picks on Netflix, but with this one I can honestly say I hit at least a run. Hubby and I both really enjoyed this one. When it first came out I wanted to take the grand kids to see it, but it never happened. And I really was thinking when I ordered this one it would arrive while the kids were here for Christmas, but I missed the mark and it came later.

Anyway, as my children all know watching a movie rental is a week long event for their aging parents. One or both of us tend to fall asleep before the end of the movie...thus the next day (or whenever we get around to it again) we fast forward looking for the last place we were conscious at. I've even been know to fall asleep in the theater before!

I wish I could tell you that I didn't fall asleep during this one, but I did. Not that it was boring or not entertaining, it's just what I do. So, this afternoon I did the fast forward routine and finished watching it and it really was good. I love Abigail Breslin who plays Margaret Mildred "Kit" Kittredge a young writer during the Depression that longs to get something she has written in print. Her father leaves to find work in the big city and her mother has to take in a variety of boarders to make ends meet. There is much more to the story, so if you haven't seen it you might give it a thought.

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BeccaBug said...

Okay, instead of book reviews you're doing movie reviews. Don't call me a dork!