Friday, September 5, 2008

Friday FAV


With good friends....this is one of my top favorites. We call these friends the M&M's because both of their names start with the letter M. I have to be their friend forever because they know way too much about me and I would have to commit murder if I couldn't be their friend. (Just remember that girls) They wouldn't let me take their picture at lunch today, so I had to draw from a stock photo I had. Elder M thought the outfit she had on today was somewhat Strawberry Shortcakish ...something to do with the baby doll sleeves and the latest hair coloring. But she looked smashing as always for REAL... They are both sweethearts and would do anything for me...I think, but might not after this blog.

Any way this is where we went. And it was very yummy. In my next life I will marry a Mexican man with a mother who can cook or that owns his own restaurant. Mexican food is by far my very favorite food. And as luck would have it I'm married to someone who as he ages is not doing so gracefully with this fine cuisine.

This is what we dined on... Fajita Salad

Plain Jane Nachos in the one size fits all portion.

And a dos lunch platter with a cheese enchilada and a beef taco.

A certain someone from the fine east Texas town of Gilmer enjoys a dose of the "squirt butter" as my family calls it. Although she uses it in the most peculiar way...I think. And no I don't want any, thank you.
Well, that's it for this weeks Friday Favorite...there's just one problem with this favorite...if I do it very often I'm definitely going to have to join this club.

Have a great weekend!


Bachelor Paul said...


just me... said...

I, like you, absolutely adore Mexican food. My' husband can't handle the slightest zing of spiciness. He will tolerate Mexican once every blue moon, but I could eat it daily...

A friend of mine has the exact same situation and her husband summed it up like this: Men don't like Mexican food. Just women.

Now I know that it can't be true, but it does seem to be the case in my circle... HA!

Got here from the pioneer woman, thanks!