Thursday, October 1, 2009

Scrappy Supper in a jiffy

Take one pound of FREE Eckrich sausage (our customer who recently had a successful experience in our plant packaging their product...sent a pound of their sausage to each of our employees...aka "perk")

Scrounge through the semi empty pantry...find some spaghetti

boil and mix with a half empty jar of pesto in the frig....

Rummage through the freezer and find a hidden bag of yummy broccoli & carrots with garlic & herbs...(for real these are yummy, fast and only 40 calories a serving!)

Here's our cast of character's as all the food bloggers point out (usually at the beginning of their blog, not toward the end....oh, well)

Dressed up spaghetti with some pesto and parmesan cheese.

Browning up that free sausage...

Assemble nicely on a plate and devour.

This dinner was actually prepared faster than this blog was created. FOR REAL!!

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