Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Leg Up!

My Dad often asked my Mother "Is there anything your daughter won't talk about?" at first I was put off by this remark but now I know I was just "Keeping it Real". My lovely daughter thinks my blog sounds somewhat gangsterish with this title but I've decided to keep it....for now. Until I decide to start writing fiction and then it won't be "Keeping it Real".

Anyhoo today's blog is about my precious soul mate. Yesterday he had a complete knee replacement. This is him before surgery...

He went into surgery about 1pm and we didn't hear from the doctor until almost 4pm. Ladybug and Jaybird kept me company in the waiting room. Here are some nice photos from that long waiting period.

Nice fish tank for entertainment...

Very interesting couple across the room from us.....seem to be doing something baboon-ish???

Then is wasn't anytime(Just about 4 hours or more!)
until honey bun was in a room
and all tucked in safe & sound.

#1 Son showed up, so all three of our kidlings were there. When they all get together it turns into a joke fest & we soon overwhelmed poor ole Dad.

We all said our goodbyes and wished him a good night and from the reports I've received today he had a very restful night and has already been up on his new knee. The doctor says he will be home by Thursday so everything is going as well as can be. Keep him in your prayers for a fast and pain free recovery. Many thanks!!


BeccaBug said...

Hahaha, what a fun day!

Gerad said...

That was fun, but probably not for Dad! Woo hoo! I'm featured in Mom's blog!