Sunday, July 27, 2008

Knee update

The new knee came home on Thursday afternoon and it's been a roller coaster ride the last few days. The first couple of days were good and no real problems. As you can see it doesn't look too bad. OH! and by the way have you ever wondered what the Jolly Green Giant's toes look like?? Well, wonder no more...
No, worries! It's just an anti-bacterial wash they used on his leg before the surgery. Anyway, back to the saga...Saturday after doing some of the daily required exercises the leg began to get stiff and very painful along with major discoloration of the whole area. I called both the surgeon and the nurse at home health care and neither said it was anything to be concerned about. "Only if the knee became the size of a cantaloupe should we be concerned" Mmmmmmmmmmmm, it was the size of a cantaloupe before surgery so what's the next melon up? Watermelon size? ...these photos are of the knee in it's badness. If you have a weak stomach for bruising don't scroll. But it is quite tasty.

Just kidding! No way does his leg look this yummy...That is one fine turkey leg!!

Actually, today everything looks a little better and the stiffness is somewhat better too. Tomorrow the physical therapist will be here along with a visit from a home health nurse. So things are coming around and he should be dancing a jig in no time. (he couldn't before the surgery, so that will be some feat/feet?!)

And in case you haven't guess Roxie and Augie are glad Daddy's home.

They are resting much easier now.


BeccaBug said...

Ugh, that is really gross! But I'm glad he's doing better!

Gerad said...

The green- I think he's turning into the Hulk!

Michele said...

Well, I've been reading your blog over the past few days and I was going to say you have the potential to be a professional blogger but now I'm not so sure... can we say TMI?!?! Anywho... glad he came through and will be chasing you around the house soon... now your kids are going to be saying, "TMI!!" (hee, hee!)